Residential Glass


Is it time for some new windows in your home? Give us a call today for an estimate on some new efficient replacement windows.

Are you looking for glass blocks or glass bricks?

Glass blocks reduce the environmental impact and at the same time combine the functionality needs and design. “Garrity's Glass” is the installer and premier supplier of Glass Blocks for all residential and commercial clients.

Benefits of glass blocks:

  • Reduces heating cost
  • Increases transparency and natural light
  • Protects the environment by ensuring maximum thermal insulation

¬†Our experienced team will help you in designing your glass block panel whether it’s for your balconies, bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation – anywhere on the property.

slides5Are you doing a bathroom remodel? Call us to find out about all of your shower enclosure options.

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Let us custom cut your specialty glass. We have everything from laminated glass, plate glass, mirror glass, obscure glass, lexan and plexiglass. And yes even Stove Glass!

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